Curriculum 2010
Comprehensive Course Review Annual Course Review

Project Scope

Status of the project

C2010 is the University's priority teaching and learning initiative, building on previous achievements and working parties such as eVALUate, the Course Review policy, the 25 credit working party, and unit and course reduction strategies (managed by Courses Committee). Useful links and papers contains documents pertinent to these previous initiatives. C2010 aims to synergise these preceding initiatives so that all major teaching reform is coordinated, and the course-related objectives of the Teaching and Learning Enabling Plan are achieved in a holistic fashion.

Limits of the project

The C2010 project has a broad reach and ambitious scope. However, some things are beyond the scope of this project. C2010 will not address: the use of or provision of teaching spaces; offshore teaching partnerships; timetabling; technological infrastructure such as learning management systems (although the level of engagement achieved through their use will be part of curriculum renewal); staffing issues; articulation with secondary education and other higher education providers such as TAFE; and Curtin teaching awards.

Likewise, some achievements are beyond the reach of this project: C2010 is unlikely to effect an improved LTPF ranking in the short term (since the Fund currently draws on lagging CEQ data), nor is it likely to attract more or better students to Curtin courses in the short term.

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